Village Establishment Solutions

The creation of a retirement village community should offer the ultimate combination of contemporary design, affordability and the optimum blend of resident services and village facilities, specifically tailored to meet the needs and wants of the target audience. This does not happen by chance.

Begin with the end in mind and create confidence for the future – ARP will partner with you to ensure that all the key success factors are considered and evaluated at the outset during the planning and design stage. Market research, financial analysis and bench-marking during the planning and design phase is key to minimising costly errors, ensuring that both the initial and future viability of a retirement living community is sustainable and successful.

Our Village Establishment Services include:

Operational Village Management Establishment

  • Village Concept and Design Review (as it relates to operational management)
  • Financial Modelling
  • Resident Contracts and Disclosure documentation – composition and structuring
  • Resident Budgets to coincide with staged construction
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Management Systems and Processes
  • Human Resources – recruit and train operational village staff

Sales Management Establishment

  • Pre-Sales Strategy – release strategy, pricing strategy, critical events & timeline
  • Sales Systems, Processes and Documentation
  • Human Resources – recruit and train sales staff
  • Display Strategy / Sales Office establishment
  • CRM / Lead Management systems – procurement and implementation
  • Reporting and Analysis tools

Sales Solutions

ARP will partner with you to provide part or all of the Sales Solution – whether it’s developing a sales strategy to secure funding for a new village community, creating and rolling out your pre-sales campaign, implementing a sustainable sales program to accelerate re-sales, providing you with our ARP industry trained sales team or managing and training your own team – ARP has the expertise, resources and skills to deliver results.

Our Sales Solutions services include:

  • Sales Team / Human Resources – recruitment, training, supervision and performance management (we can provide an ARP sales team or manage and train your own team)
  • Sales Management and Reporting
  • CRM / Database – development and management
  • Sales Strategies / Budgets
  • Best-Practice Sales Systems, Processes and Documentation
  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Competitor Watch / Analysis
  • Audit and Review Services

Village Management Solutions

ARP will partner with you to provide best-practice retirement village management skills and expertise which are essential to deliver operationally on the marketing promise.

ARP is a highly focused and experienced team who have developed proven policies and systems in:

  • Village Establishment
  • Village Management – loan lease, loan licence, and strata title
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Financial Management – capital and recurrent expenditure
  • Best Practice – industry accreditation standards
  • Human Resource Management – recruitment and training
  • Audit and Review Services

Good Village Management requires getting the job done on time and on budget. Great Village Management by ARP delivers:

  • Increased brand awareness, village reputation and target market desirability
  • Increased speed of sale, improving departure fee accrual and owner returns
  • Continuous improvement best practice outcomes
  • Increased operational/financial efficiencies
  • Longer life cycles from capital assets
  • Costs savings through the utilisation of emerging technologies
  • Growth in asset values resulting from the implementation of strategic capital maintenance and replacement planning

ARP can lead your organisation over each of the operational management hurdles to ensure best practice outcomes and improved financial rewards.

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